Poem Day 22/30: Earth Day

My mother is fair

Beautiful is she

She has fed me from her ample bosoms

Bathed me in her wondrous vital waters

Caressed me as I lay on her boundless lap

She grows angry at times

Shakes her fists, quakes to her core

Foolish is the child who rebels against her

Ignorantly believing he is master of his own plantation

It is she who conceives and carries the cotton

She commands and beckons all

Her blood flows through our veins

She has carried us and those before us

She suffers for us and those that will come after

My mother is fair

Beautiful is she

You know her by her name, Earth

napo2013button1Today is Earth Day. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and is now celebrated internationally. In honor of the occasion, I challenge you to write a poem in keeping with Earth Day — it could be a reflection on what’s growing in your garden, a modern pastoral, or a Marianne-Moore-style poem about an animal. Anything to do with the natural world is fair game. Happy writing!

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