Cooking with Ms. M. 4/22: Orecchiette and Peas

Orecchiette and Peas

Orecchiette and Peas

Ok. So I had no idea what to make for dinner. It was supposed to be leftover night, but we didn’t have any leftovers. I looked in the drawer and the orecchiette winked at me. I swear it did. So I decided to put that out and make it with peas later.

Flash forward: time to start dinner. The peas are defrosted and the Orecchiette is boiling. Now to make a butter or cream sauce. But wait there’s no ham. Oh, that’s right, it’s greek lent! We are not eating meat or dairy. Now, my husband would totally not mind if I cooked up a cream sauce with ham. No complaints there. And he’s the greek one. The problem is there isn’t any ham or cheese or cream in my fridge. Why did I decide to make this dish? Same reason I make all my decisions: on a whim.

A quick internet search uncovered the Mostly Vegan Kitchen blog, with a recipe for orecchiette and peas. Dinner saved! First, open another beer, this one is empty. 20130418_191030

Then put on Captain and Tennille. That’s right, I said Captain and Tennille. I loved their show when I was a kid. And to show how really old I am, I will tell you that I slipped a cd into a stereo. Do you kids know what those two things are? So let’s get cooking to Muskrat Love!

The orecchiette is already done. I’ll put that in a bowl with some olive oil so It doesn’t stick.

20130418_191040Chop up the onions and I added garlic to mine. Because garlic is the elixir of life. Don’t worry about garlic breath, I eat lots of garlic. I used to eat it raw in my 20s and never got a complaint when kissing anyone. Maybe it’s the garlic powder that stays on your breath? I don’t use that one much.

Saute the onion and garlic in the oil, add the peas, stir for 1-2-3 minutes whatever you feel is right. Toss up in the bowl with more oil. Dinner is done. Ham? Who needs ham when you  have wine.


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