Behind the manor

Trifecta week 72 gave us this word:

ALCHEMY (noun) 1…2..3: an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting

Write at the Merge: Week 15 gave us two images of abandoned beauty. One was of a large, dark house at the top of a steep cliff.

Behind the manor

A grand manor sat perched high up on a long abandoned hill. It held majestic reign over the ominous landscape. No one had ventured up there for about a quarter of a century, maybe more. Behind this old, dark manor was a carriage house. A simple one-story stone structure with two-large wooden doors big enough to once lead a carriage in or out.

From a gaping hole on its roof, grey smoke billowed out mixing into the cloud covered sky. Inside, a shaggy overcoat hung from a tack. A mat was rolled up tidily in one dusty corner. In the middle of the room there stood a zinc-topped table and two wooden chairs. Atop the table was a bunsen burner with a roaring blue flame. On top of the stove, there was an iron pot with two handles. A velvet-smooth liquid bubbled inside this iron pot. A large wooden spoon rested on the table beside the pot. The hem of the spoon was still wet and tinged yellow. A sound of scurrying and squawking chickens stirred the silence. The old man looked up from his meditative spot in a murky corner of the room. He listened and watched as the two-large doors big enough for a carriage to go through were tugged and pulled. After sometime, they were flung open and two large men obscured the light outside the doors frame. The old man squinted as the men came towards him. They seized him and tied his hands with rope. As they led him to the doorway, without protest the old man asked, “What is the meaning of this?”

The tall man with the bald head said flatly, “You are under arrest.”

“Why,” the old man asked as he glanced back at his home. The flame still glowed blue under the iron pot,

The other man answered, a gap in his front teeth showing, “For alchemy.”

you can read more of the alchemist in The Tesseract.


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  1. This house has drawn such great creativity from the community! Love it. And a lone alchemist hidden away inside? Love that, too.

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