Poem Day 5: The Seventh Grade

Today I offer up an ode, of some sort, to my Seventh year of school. I am also linking up with Mama Kat’s using the first prompt 1.) A seventh grade memory.


My childhood was almost done,

Changes had begun

It began in September of 1981

and lasted until June 1982

Ronald Reagan made deals,

While we rollerskated on four wheels,

Nancy admonished us to Just Say No

While we watched the Solid Gold show,

Olivia Newton John urged us to get physical,

Jane Fonda taught us how to workout, wearing leotards and tights,

Crime was high and the drug cartel moved into Jackson Heights

Natalie Wood slipped off a dinghy

From Judy Blume we learned about puberty, sex

and Ralph was a name for his thingy,

Cable came to Queens with 2 stations. HBO played one movie all month long

In Central Park, Simon and Garfunkel reunited to sing songs

Johnny Carson reigned over late night TV

Darryl Hall‘s Private Eyes were watching me,

 (or so I dreamed)

Adam Ant had us painting white stripes across our face

Break dancing was breaking out in a frenetic pace

In my seventh year at St. Gabriel’s, was I

Twelve years old and still kind of shy

I had a haircut that was pretty bad,

I wore a skirt of plaid,

With knee socks and Chinese Slippers on my feet

My uniform was complete

We weren’t the worst class

Yet, our teachers they did not last,

There was the young lady who tried,

But mostly she just cried,

The gorgeous one whose good-bye

Left all the girls teary-eyed

But not me, I was too austere

And could only jeer

Then there was the nutter

Who took me by the collar,

Shoved me against the blackboard

And threatened to take away my honor award

I told him he could not do that to me,

For my grades were there as proof that I had earned that honor,  you see

Even though I was not at all innocent,

And had been rather insolent.

A ride in a big bus,

To D.C. it took us,

An overnight stay at a hotel,

The capitol, the carousel,

Everywhere cute cadets

Left us with our desires unmet,

Such ones that are brought about by the onset

of puberty. Bodies growing and developing, so much change

Along with feelings that are strange.

Girls dropped their dolls and their games went amiss

Tag turned into RCK, Run-Catch-and-Kiss,

This was not for me, I was still quite a tomboy

And really not very coy,

When in June we were dismissed

I  still had never been kissed.


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  1. This was delightful! What a fun read. I always read out loud and this just tripped off my tongue. And the details you included were amazing. This was well done and a great read:~)

    Sara from A Sharing Connection

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