Don’t Turn Back/Poem day 2


Fresh as dew


Warm like sunshine


Aloft on a silver-lined


Suddenly cold,

Gray and heavy


She shrieks,

Flings the bills

Watches them

Rain down,

Pivots and



This is day 2 napo2013button1of NaPoWriMo,  today the prompt was to write a poem that lies. I am also linking up with Trifecta Writing ChallengePicture11-1

This week, Seventy-One, the word is:
rain (transitive verb)
1: to pour down
2: to give or administer abundantly <rained blows on his head>

Be sure to visit the sights and check out some great writing there!

8 thoughts on “Don’t Turn Back/Poem day 2

    • Thanks, I wasn’t sure the money fit in, at first it was the torn marriage certificate that rained down, but I wasn’t sure that would fit the prompt for trifecta since the definition specifically said money.

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