TRIFECTA WEEK 69 gave us the word infect and Write at the Merge, Week 12

the photograph:

image courtesy of Dean McCoy Photography

(image courtesy of Dean McCoy Photography)

 And the song Sexy Back from Justin Timberlake
Other than getting that song stuck in my head for days, I couldn’t think of anything to write. I was going to go political with infect, which is so not me, until I realized how much Timberlake’s song had infected my brain. I couldn’t stop singing it. I got my son singing it now. Finally, I came up with this, but I still think it needs retooling and reworking, but it’s down to the wire now so I thought I’d put it out there anyhow.

On the dance floor,

Music pumping,

Body rolling

Strobe light flashing

All over me,

Over there at the bar

I see

Him staring at my legs

My heart beats

In time with the music

130 beats per minute

Find me in it

I came to dance

I feel it:

The music, the vibe

My body

The bass

One, two, step

Shake it off

He swaggers toward the floor

Music pumping

Body rolling

Strobe light flashing

All over me

I feel him at my back

Smell his sex

Steaming off his skin

At my back

I came to dance

I feel it:

The music, the vibe

My body

The bass

One, two, step

Back off

I came for me

To loose the shackles

And melt into the sounds

To let the music infect me

With its melody,

The vibrations set me free;

Be done with it

I will not make that mistake


I came to dance

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12 thoughts on “I CAME TO DANCE

  1. ooh hot stuff!! You probably still have the energy to dance all night while I’m more in bed at 9pm with a cup of cocoa. I am doing the Trifecta writing challenge. you have infected me 😉

    • oh,you know I fall asleep at 8 while reading to my son! Those days are long behind me. Welcome to trifecta. I started about 3 weeks ago. It’s a nice place

  2. As someone who loves to dance, I enjoyed this. I like “I will not make that mistake tonight” and her focus on the dance floor and her own enjoyment and not the guy.

  3. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I am so glad it worked and you could feel the beat. I am so rhythmically challenged! and have 2 left feet!
    I wasn’t sure it worked how I wanted it to.

  4. JT has a way of sneaking into your psyche, huh? Glad you linked it up with us… it’s got a little gritty R&B feel, lyrics perhaps?

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