Wide Open Wednesday: Abstraction

Today I talked to my son. He was home sick from school. We got to spend some time together which we haven’t had much of since he’s started kindergarten. Something had been nagging at my conscience so I asked him, “Do you think we are mean, that we say mean things to each other.” He didn’t pause for reflection, “Yeah,” he said. My heart sank. Just as I was about to apologize he added, “but, it’s ok. That’s who we are.”

“You know I love you not matter what,” I told him.

“Yeah,” he said.

3 of us

My family: we may be small, we may be short, we may have fits of anger and yell and scream but there is love. Beauty and Truth are abstractions. Sometimes, objects are thrown, not-so-nice words are flung. Other times there is laughter, hugs and apologies. We keep ourselves in check. We are happy, we love one another and we support each other.  We are passionate about everything. Our passion drips from us: some as tears, or as sweat, laughter, words, debate. Our antics may upset or confuse outsiders. It may seem sad or not nice. This gives us pause and we stop and evaluate and promise to change, to be different, to be more like others. But this does not matter. We are who we are, not perfect, but humble, complete and content. Family and Devotion are not abstractions.

And to my husband, I say: “PANTS!”