She’s gone off again

I’m getting hungry, what’s that noise? why is this room such a mess?

All these thoughts run through his head as he sits down to play legos on a Saturday morning. His son is in the room with him, his wife who seems to be in a bad mood is making breakfast in the kitchen.

“Dad, look at this,” his son says, “…dad…dad”


Something crashes against the kitchen wall and smashes into pieces.

His wife is yelling something about the time.

“The timer,” she screams, “I asked you to turn off the oven when the timer went off…yada,’re an idiot…yada…yada..never listen…yada…yada…I can’t do it all by myself!” She’s in the next room throwing things, banging pots and screaming.

I’m not going in there, he thinks as he looks at the lego car his son built. “Mommy’s acting stupid,” his six-year old son says. He nods his head slightly but doesn’t say anything.


2 thoughts on “She’s gone off again

  1. Aww, this makes me sad too, but I love how much emotion is packed into such a short story! I don’t like the way they talk about each other and I feel bad for the mom. I’ve been there before and it would be nice to have some help instead of feeling like everyone in the house is conspiring against you. I think it’s probably a familiar scene in a lot of household though.

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