Cooking with Ms M. No. 4: Anchovy snack

After a daytrip to HMart and a fabulous lunch I decided to make some anchovies.


They sell these little pack of snacks at the store for around $5.00. For the same price I buy a big package of dried anchovies and saute it in a pan with some oil and barley malt (could also use brown rice syrup). These are yummy, salty, sweet and crunchy. I snack on them for a week. Anchovies are packed with nutrients and calcium and this dried version doesnt taste fishy at all. I like to make my own to avoid msg and other perservatives. My way is super easy, because if I can do it with ease I am pleased. But see below for a more authentic version.


I also picked up some shrimp bao at Trader Joes. I steamed these in my cute new bamboo steamer and served with rice, bok choy and pan-fried flounder.

More authentic version from Maangchi website: