Wide Open Wednesdays

I’ve recently started watching Downton Abbey on Netflix. Yes, I know it’s wildly and widely being followed and that it has been so for years now. I’ve been avoiding it for some reason. Then one night, last week I couldn’t sleep. Mr. Obscure and the boy were snoring upstairs, I wanted to watch TV but we recently got rid of cable and satellite so I went to Netflix. I couldn’t watch any of my hubbies favorites without him, so I clicked on Downton Abbey. I was hooked. I finished the entire first season in 2 days, but then… wait – what? Netflix is not streaming season 2 and there is a wait on the disc. I am having withdrawals and people are posting about season 3 and I am being barraged by spoiler alerts!

Oh well, what took me so long to watch? I love PBS and the BBC. I grew up watching Masterpiece Theater: Poldark and Upstairs Downstairs, of which Downton Abbey reminds me. I grew up watching Masterpiece Theater with my mom. She enjoyed Upstairs, Downstairs and she would have loved Downton Abbey. And there you have it. I have been avoiding the show because it is exactly the show my mom and I would have watched and then called each other to talk about. I watch it alone now, drawn into the world on the show with a twinge in my heart.

My mom wasn’t a perfect mom, but she was my mom and we had our rituals. On Sundays, we watched masterpiece theater, Friday nights we watched old black and white movies together. I’m glad we had that time together. I don’t think I could get my son to watch and my husband isn’t interested. So, whenever I get my hands on the second season, I will enjoy it in the memory of my mom. What are some things you do with your mom that are memorable?