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workshop-button-1This week at Mama Kat’s one of the prompts asked ( 2.) Tell the story of trying to learn a new talent or hobby that you only pursued briefly.

Now the problem with me and my ADD is that I never give up on anything. Oh, I forget. I procrastinate. I…wait one minute I have to go feed the cats… ok, I’m back, now where was I? Oh, new talents and hobbies. Yes, I always start them and never finish them, but I constantly pursue them. I have a never ending to do list that’s been carried over from 1983.

Lets see:

There’s that writing career I am going to pursue one day when I grow up.

I did a scrapbook of my honeymoon and was pretty proud of it. However, all the scrapbooking books say I did it all wrong and it’s horrible. My son said that’s ok we don’t have to listen to them and I could do it however I want to. So proud of him. Oh, and I am still working on my son’s first year book. He’s six now, but I still have time.

I’ve taken swim lessons, but had to stop because I didn’t have money for the next session. But, swimming is important, I’ll get back to that eventually.

I’m learning to knit and crochet and am making slow progress with that one. I have lots of ideas and yarn, just keep knitting and unravelling unfortunately.

I’ve started a garden in my yard that isn’t quite lovely and didn’t yield much. (don’t tell anyone I studied horticulture in high school, please).

I’m hoarding lots of plastic bags and recyclables I’m going to do something crafty with one day, unless my husband hauls it all out to the trash instead. There are really amazing ideas on Pintrest and I am following them all!

I am never done, I have come undone on occasion, but I am never done.


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