Snow Day

Mama Kat gave the following prompts this week:

Writing Prompts:

1.) A week of blog posts from 16 year old you. (submitted by LouLou’s Views)
2.) Write a love letter to the object of your affection.
3.) A Valentine’s Day you remember.
4.) List 7 celebrities you’d like to give Valentines to.
5.) Tell us about your idea of the perfect snowy afternoon.

Ok, 1.) Please don’t make me go back to my teen years! the horror! and 2.-4.) I am not a romantic. end of story. so 5.) Tell us about your idea of the perfect snowy afternoon.

The perfect snowy afternoon is one in which it never snows. The forecast was calling for an icy, blizzardy storm. People have gone mad clearing the shelves in the supermarket. The Board of Education declares the schools closed and the newsman says just stay indoors. A lot of wind and flurries swoop by and leave a dusting of snow on everything. And then it’s all blown away. Around 10 or 11 am the sun comes out and warms up everything.

You’ve gotten to stay in your jammies, make hot chocolate with marshmallows and snuggle up on the couch to watch netflix. There’s no snow to shovel, no ice to slip on and the sun has come out to warm you up. The weatherman have got it wrong, but you’ve got a free day. That is so all right!

In the afternoon, you go out to take a walk without having to bundle all up from head to foot. You enjoy a nice lunch somewhere so you don’t have to cook or mess up your house. Later on you order chinese and watch a movie before going to bed.

That’s my idea of a perfect snowy afternoon a Lazy No Snow Day! Because snow belongs up in the mountains – where it’s white and pristine and pretty to look at. Snow is for skiing, not for shoveling and trudging through. Lazy-No-Snow-Days don’t occur very often, which make them even more special. I could use one about now. How about you?