Dreams of the Dragonfly


This week at Write at the Merge  we were given 2 words:


At first I was not inspired and then somehow came to imagine  a dragonfly flying over a river with gossamer wings. Somehow I had to tie that in with affinity. The girl with the dragonfly tattoo was not at all inspired by the popular novel of a similar title and is purely coincidental;)


From different sides, we both reached for the same cup. Our hands closed on top of one another. A crackle of electric current ran through my fingers and into my soul.

She looked straight at me and said, “This one is mine.”

A dragonfly twitched between her thumb and index finger as her hand held on to the cup.

Its iridescent body was noble against a sea of luminous cream. I was familiar with this dragonfly. I had spied and studied its delicate inky wings, imagined my thumb rubbing against its fine, sheer substance as I traced the threads of its beautiful outspread wings and explored the expanse of its ethereal domain.  Now, holding onto the steaming cup, its gossamer wings spread wide open against the porcelain hand as if about to take flight.

“Sure it is. Mine’s coming up,” I half smiled at her as I released my hand and stepped away from the counter.

“Thanks,” she gave me a seductive smile as she took the cup and walked toward the door.

I watched her walk away.

Then I ran and caught up to her at the door. I held the door for her, “You know…  I noticed we both come in here… this time almost everyday and order the same thing,” the words released themselves from my throat and I stopped breathing.  Her hand cradling the cup held the dragonfly  aloft. There was a momentous pause. My lungs released my breath out into the open air.

“yea, I think I’ve seen you before,” she nodded and brought the curved lid of the cup to her lush lips.

The dragonfly flew up between us.

“Do you want to have coffee,” Her green tinted eyes widened over the top of her white cup, “…er, …I mean do you have time to come in and sit and have coffee with me?”

She swallowed and slowly brought the paper cup down and hugged it with both hands. The dragonfly’s wings twitched and became still. Its wings were like stained glass windows of turquoise and violet. The slightest breeze passed between us as she considered my offer.She tilted her head to the right and the silken strands of her hair gently fell into her right eye. As she straightened her head her hair fell back and caressed her cheek. With the dragonfly hand she swept it behind her ear. A wry smile suddenly appeared on her face, “I guess I could do that, I mean this really is your chai,” she gave a slight shrug and stepped inside. The dragonfly swung at her hips as she glided ahead of me…

I watched her walk away towards the door. The iridescence of the dragonfly seeming to refract the colors in the sunlight as she opened the door. “Tall Chai tea misto,” the barista called out from behind the counter. I looked and saw my drink resting on the counter. I turned back to look at the door. She was gone.


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  2. Nicely done. I can easily envision the tattoo and see it moving as her hands move with normal motion.

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