Balloons rise

 oops…seems I missed the link up. ADD brain screwed up the days, sigh.

The second week of Write at the Merge featured music from Nirvana (Plateau, the Unplugged version) and an image of hot air balloons.

I am sure this is not what Cobain meant, but it is what came to me…

Balloons Rise

You stand


gaze up



balloons rise

higher and higher

crowding the pristine sky

the pearly gates, they can not be seen

how will one attain

the glory, is it yours?

hand to hand you climbed

pushing others from your way

atop you clean it all away

gone, all that you don’t understand,

look but you cannot see

depth, tears run like rivers into

the canyon below

washed into the great ocean

The balloons fill with air

rise higher and higher

crowding the pristine sky

casting shadows

on the land below

ultimately, they descend

return to earth

and what then

higher and higher

but not without end

the work it was fun,

but what has it done

in the end