Yes, my son there really is a Santa Claus

Being a bit of a logical realist, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sell my son on Santa. It seemed to all be so commercial and untrue.I didn’t want to lie to my child, so I didn’t bother to take him to sit on Santa’s lap when he was a baby. What for? He didn’t know who he was and why should I wait on such long lines and stress the both of us out. Then in 2008 when he was 2, he was all about christmas. He loved everything about the holiday: the decorations, the music, the gifts and Santa! His face lit up and there was a twinkle in his eyes. How could I kill that spark? So I hopped a bus over the river and took him to SantaLand at Macy’s Herald Square. I had fond memories of going there when I was little with my mom. I remember being awed by a marionette puppet show there. Yes, it’s all commercial now with build-a-bear sponsoring it and marionettes replaced with Dora and Diego and yes I waited 2 hours in a long winding line. Yet, there were friendly elves to greet us, fantastic model trains and northpole-scapes to view while we waited. It is a santa mill with more santas then I could count: roughly 6 or so. Yet, my son wasn’t aware of that. And he hopped gleefully on the big elf’s lap smiled for the picture and whispered in his ear. This year after rejecting 3 santas for being fake, he finally said he would visit one at the mall when we passed by the booth. The line was short so we went. He hopped on his lap and told him he wanted 2 new lego sets. Nowadays, Christmas is so commercial but to my son Santa represents the spirit of the season. He is someone who knows that even though my son may have troubles and do bad things, deep down in his heart he is a good kid, so therefore on christmas morning under our tree there are the toys he has asked for. Rather than killing my son’s faith in a mythical character, I have through him found my renewed faith in the christmas spirit. It is about giving and forgiving, loving ourselves and others and finding the nice in everything.

Now that he is 6, what to do when his first tooth falls out?

2008: Macy's Santaland

2008: Macy’s Santaland

2009: NJ transit's Santa train ride

2009: NJ transit’s Santa train ride

2010: Santa at APG and yea, I'm on the nice list!

2010: Santa at APG and yea, I’m on the nice list!

2011: Macy's Santaland

2011: Macy’s Santaland


2012: after rejecting 3 other santas for being fake, finally he decided to visit with this one to tell him what he wanted before it was too late