Procrastination and Fear come to Tea

Every day at three
They ring me.
What have you done today
And why bother?

Shall we have some cookies,
Lets do.

After tea, Procrastination and I
Go out for a walk
Never fear
For he is not invited.
I do not like to be seen in public
With that bloke
I will deny him everytime

Procrastination, she is a pretty one
Always amazes me how she can
Vamp herself up so lovely

As I sit down to write she’ll whisper in my ear
Those dishes should be done before I come
And the laundry needs to be sorted, the garbage
Has to go out, have you cookies for later —
Hurry out now to the store

In three hours time I’ll be back,
They seem to always move the merchandise
I can never remember where
All the colors and shapes stimulate my brain
Do I need this? Is that a good sale? What
Was I here for?

Then I come home
Unpack it all,
Except for that bag I left behind in the trunk of my car
Put on the kettle
And try to remember the story racing
Through my head at the checkout line.
No. Never mind. It isnt any good.
I could never go out in public,
With fear.

Ding Dong,
There’s the doorbell.
Excuse me,
Its time for tea.