Lucky Penny

Hah, I just can’t seem to write creative non-fiction. I really want to give it a go, as I don’t seem to have a novel in me or to be able to achieve a successful story arc. Although memoirs is my least favorite genre, I thought I’d write them up but my head just seems to be filled with fantasy. I chose the penny from this week’s Red Writing prompt.

The Lucky Penny

“Good luck,” said the wisp of a man behind the counter.

“Thanks, I could use a little bit of luck,” he said as he waved the little square papers above his head with a smile.

Luddy’s smile broadened and his shoulders squared as he thought that this is it, one of these babies is the lucky winner. With a renewed sense of purpose he stepped out onto the sidewalk. The sun shone bright and warmed his face. All of earth seemed to have a glint that day. Luddy looked up and saw an endless crystal blue sky stretched out above him. He looked ahead to see if the bus was coming when something caught his eye. Lying in the street, heads up was a shiny new penny. What’s that old saying, Luddy thought to himself, SEE A PENNY, PICK IT UP AND ALL THE DAY YOU’LL HAVE GOOD LUCK!

Honest Abe seemed to wink at him and he bent to pick it up and put it in his pocket. He took two quick-steps to the curb and leaned over to pick up the lucky penny. As he did so his cap fell forward. He swooped to pick it up and the wind blew the lottery tickets from his hands. In a rushed panic he crouched lower to retrieve the ticket that fell on his foot and look for the others.The bus was approaching as an old pick-up truck rounded the corner. The clanking of metal and screeching of tires ripped through the air. The windows of the truck had been painted with the words GOOD LUCK and two white bells and a dove had been painted on the back window. The metal cans tied to the bumper sounded like wind chimes in the wind as the bus smacked right into the drivers side of the truck. Luddy heard the squealing of the brakes, and smelled the foul odor of burning rubber. He heard the gasp and cries of the people on the street as he felt the impact like a brick wall against his right hip. At the same moment he felt weightless, flying throught the air like a child going too fast and high on a park swing. With a thud he landed against the metal rack of newspapers outside the store he had just exited. The penny still lay there on the street, Lincoln’s face staring up into the shadow of the undercarriage of the newly-wed’s old pick up truck. The three lottery tickets blew in the wind.

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6 thoughts on “Lucky Penny

  1. The Luck Gnome is taunting him, dangling the good luck penny before his eyes and whining Neener Neener. It’s the result of a curse and a really bad bean burrito. Someone somewhere has a wooden nickel that Luddy needs to find to stick it to ol’ Abe.

    I have plot bunnies sorting through my thoughts, can you tell?

    Aside from the bunnies, I’m intrigued. I think you’ve set the stage rather brilliantly. Well played!

  2. Good lord! If there was ever a fellow who needed to make his own luck and not look for it in other things, this would be the guy! I really liked this line: the wisp of a man behind the counter.

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