A New Day

This week’s prompt from Red Writing Hood was to write about something new in 300 words. I had to cut and cut some more and whittle it down, but I like to write short choppy pieces anyhow and tend to throw in too many words. I thought about how this is all new, but not quite to me. Let’s see if I can link up before the school bus gets here…


Lazily she rolled over. “Not now,” she thought, “make it stop.”

It didn’t. She had put the alarm in the bathroom to ensure that she got up in the morning ready for a new day.

But, she wasn’t ready. She was sleepy. So not ready. The same as yesterday. She had hoped for a new day. A day she awoke early, refreshed and ready.

A day to begin writing. Perhaps pull-out that story she had worked on years before. Before, when she thought she would conquer her fears and finally fulfill her dream. The story she was working on before she went to grad school, became a teacher, and then got married. Years back when she believed she would write. She would write over the summers. Then came her son. She stopped teaching and the seasons all rolled into one.

As a stay-at-home mom she was certain she could resume writing. It was always there in the back of her mind. But she was exhausted. Now that her son had started kindergarten there were no more excuses. She should have time now. Now she could take the pen, tackle the page, pound the keyboard and write the story. The story. The story was old and dated she thought. No spark left. Where were the stories? The stories she had always carried in her head, the characters who knocked at the door of her imagination? The ones that nagged her to get out and never let her sleep?

Where did it all go?

“I don’t know,” she said aloud into the silence. The alarm had finally stopped beeping.

“Perhaps I am not the writer I thought I was.”

And with that thought she slipped back into dreams.

5 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Self doubt is such an awful thing, and I think most writers feel like that at one time or another. Sometimes it helps to start writing anything at all, and the characters start coming to life under your fingers.

  2. Sad face?

    One of my favorite quotes is that if we wake up every day and write we are writers. You wrote today. So you are a writer.

    If the stories were there once… I bet they will come again! Our characters may get quiet… but they rarely go away forever.

    – barbara @ de rebus

  3. Ugh. Such a familiar feeling – the tiredness and the wistfulness. And the tiredness. 🙂 Thanks for your input on my post … I’ll have to do some tweaking to make my character strong from the start.

    • you’re welcome. I wasn’t sure if I should comment, how you would take it. It really is a great character, definitely try to put the tally and counting in there somewhere it gives insight to how his mind works – you just don’t want people thinking he’s the principal.

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