I am the tortoise*

*Inspiration and direct rip-off from Lennon and McCartney’s I AM THE WALRUS,
for my first marathon 1999.
The prompt at write on edge
this week  was to craft a fiction or creative non-fiction piece in 350 words inspired by a specific song. This is my first time participating with this link-up so I don’t know if poetry counts or not. I’m also new to blogging so I hope I’m not breaking any legalities. But as this weekend is the NYC Marathon (hopefully) It got me thinking about my marathon days and how songs helped me through it.  I repeated “I am the tortoise, hoo koo kachu” (yea, I got it wrong in many ways) as I began the race and kept a visual of the finish line running through my minds eye.  As I started to waver and wane “Ain’t no stopping me now” played over and over in my head.  I’d like to thank The Beatles, Aesop and McFadden and Whitehead and pure Italian obstination for getting me through those 5 boroughs and across the finish line (even if it took over 5 hours).
I am me as you are you and we all start together.
See how we run at the start gun, see how we fly.
I’m flying.
Wearing a garbage bag, waiting for the bus to come.
Over the Verrazano, early on a Sunday.
Man, I’ve been a busy girl, let my miles grow.
I am slow, they are gone.
I am the tortoise, goo goo g’joob
26.2 city miles, keep going
lovely little water bottles in a row.
See how I go like the tortoise in the tale, see how I run.
I’m running, I’m trudging.
I’m steady, I’m slow.
Yellow gatorade, dripping down my cap’s bill.
numbed hamstrings, chafing skin,
Boy, you been a slow girl. You let your sneakers down.
I am slow, they are done.
I am the tortoise, goo goo g’joob.
Crossing bridges waiting for the sun.
If the sun don’t come, you get a blister
From running in the city streets.
I am slow, I will finish.
I am the tortoise, goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob.
Trudging, trudging on. choking Power Gels,
Don’t you think the couch laughs at me?
See how they smile like finishers across the line,
See how I go.
I’m walking.
Slow and Steady, climbing up First Avenue.
Shiny Spectators singing go go go.
Man, there ain’t no stoppin’ me now!
I am steady, I am slow.
I am the tortoise, goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob.
I have finished! WOO!

2 thoughts on “I am the tortoise*

  1. I like the lightness of this story and now that I’ve experienced a marathon I no longer need to put it on my bucket list. I like the stuttering effect, I wasn’t sure if it was part of the song or your own invention, but it suited the tortoise. Well done and welcome. I’m a newbie too, this will be my second entry, so I know that floundering feeling of not knowing the ropes.

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