Power Outage


1. take down all trees in area

2. forsake your kids college fund and buy a generator

3. fire up the grill and get cooking

4. light up some candles, start a fire and invite the neighbors over to eat

5. Make sure you have a well-stocked liquor cabinet

6. go to bed early and get up late

7. make sure you charged up your phone before the power went out – gas is expensive and you don’t want to run your car to charge up that phone.

8. extra blankets while you sit in front of the fire

9. tell ghost stories, play board games and make smores. If you don’t have a fireplace invest in a Hibachi (to be used outdoors!)

10. Snuggle up with your loved one.

inspired by Mama’s Losing it writing prompt

2.) 10 ways to survive a power outage. (Inspired by Hurricane Sandy)

Mama’s Losin’ It