Lego needs to make Ninjago costumes

I asked the boy what he wanted to be for Halloween about 7 weeks ago. Unenthusiastically he replied, Ironman. “Again?” I shot at him. He has been Iron Man for the past two years. Last year I was excited that he wanted the same costume because  I thought it would save me time and money. But alas, that was not the case. There was all the new paraphernalia we had to get to accentuate and improve on the previous costume. So, I asked him to think harder. “Ninjago,” he said after some thought. My wheels started turning: he already has black sweatpants, turtleneck and balaclava. “Great, the Black Ninja it is,” I declared with a “that was easy” button going off in my head. But wait… I was wrong again.

“No,mom. Not the blank ninja. Not Cole. Lloyd, the Green Ninja,” my son explained to me. The Green Ninja? Great, the “that was easy” button short-circuited. I went on-line and did a search for THE GREEN NINJAGO.

Green Ninjago

I searched Party City and other Halloween Shops that pop up at this time. My online search found a home-made fleece costume which was quite nice for around $35. But, I’d hate to order it and it doesn’t fit and pay shipping and return fees. There is a printed hoodie that would work, but at $45 dollars it’s out of my budget. Finally, I scored a green hoodie and sweatpants at H&M and overpaid for the double ninja sword at Party-city. I haven’t had any luck finding a green face mask. I was told I could make one and I probably could, but I’m not that crafty and I’m in the middle of preparing his Lego birthday party for this Saturday. I know I have a black scarf somewhere which could stand in as the belt, but searched all over with no luck. A trip to the Lego Store came up empty. They didn’t even have the headband they used to carry. I spoke with the salesperson and asked why Lego doesn’t make costumes? He told me that they’ve done other things in the past and have found that the thing they do best is make toys and have decided to stick to that. Fair enough answer, but I told him they could just license the brand name and let someone else make the costumes. Maybe I need to contact corporate, but it’ll have to wait until later because right now I have to figure out how to draw those tiny designs on the clothes with fabric pens by next Wednesday.

Here’s what I’ve come up with

inspired by Mama’s Losing it writing prompt

5.) Halloween is coming! Show us what your kids will be wearing.

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  1. I like your ingenuity! Halloween costumes are one of the things that I don’t really mind having my boys get too old for. So expensive, and I am not crafty to make my own. They still wanted to go trick-or-treating, though, and they’re both in high school, so I thought that was too old.

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