An Apple a Day…

Last week I decided to upgrade my phone from an IPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy III. I had been tossing the idea in my head for weeks. I have been an apple supporter from the very beginning, from the first keystroke on Lisa. Lately however my eyes had begun to wander. The screen was too small and I had to strain to read my emails. Was it worth the effort. I was growing tired of it always asking me to update and for another $0.99. Yet, it was a reliable old friend always there to help me out and explain things to me. After this last update the phone just reset itself and I lost my data and then wouldn’t respond. After taking it to the Apple Store, they just gave me a new charger. No questions asked, no trying to sell me anything. Just a friendly smile and “here you go” and I was on my way. I was feeling uplifted, that spark was back. Yet, how fickle we women can be. As I was walking passed the AT& T store, my eye was caught by this sleek, elegant white beauty. I was stopped dead in my tracks by a lightning bolt. The next thing I new I was going home with a brand new Samsung Galaxy III and handing the Boy my iphone 4 to use as an ipod. I stayed up late getting acquainted with the phone and personalizing it as my husband gushed with admiration over it. A little pull at my heart strings still felt like I betrayed an old friend.

After four days, I realized I didn’t have voicemail. I tried to figure out what went wrong. I reset the phone and lost all my personalizations. When that didn’t work I called AT&T customer service and they said somehow voicemail was taken off my account they would put it back, I should shut down my phone, restart and press and hold 1 to set up my voicemail. I did all that and got some weird “VOICE INFO” message. The next morning, all my phone contacts were gone.

The boy had stayed home from school sick. Before his doctors appointment, I stopped in at the AT&T store. I figured they could adjust the setting and I’d be on my way. The boy spent the time playing with the store’s IPhone 5. After 40 minutes, the rep said he couldn’t figure it out and it must be a phone problem. Since I bought the phone at a Mall Kiosk, I had to go back there to exchange it.

After spending an hour and half at the doctors, where I was told the Boy has allergies and a residual viral infection and subjecting him to  a flu shot, we were off to the mall. I hate the mall. I try to avoid it, I only go every 6 weeks to get my haircut at the salon. But here I was. The AT&T guys were stumped. They had never heard this VOICE INFO message before. They exchanged the phone for a new one out of the box and still it went to this strange message. Four HOURS later, and a lot of whining and moaning from a sick boy (this store only had nonworking display phones), my phone was finally reset. During this time, I was contemplated returning the Samsung and running to the Apple Store to purchase the IPhone 5 or just going back to the old Iphone 4. The Boy said I couldn’t take the IPhone 4 back because it was his now. And he was right, a promise was a promise.

I left there with the Samsung Galaxy III, which I will have to personalize for the 3rd time in a week. My husband called me while I was waiting for The Boy’s medicine at Walgreen’s to ensure me that the Galaxy is a superior phone to IPhone. Of course, I only I would have some strange mysterious problem. Like the time I developed a severe allergic reaction to who know what one late night and ended up in the ER, but I have no allergies. With me, it’s always “An Unkown Cause” of an indeterminate nature.

The moral of all this is: what Apple does have over the competition is superior customer service. The young’uns at the genius bar are always amiable and adept and ready to help. The apple care is well worth the $100 for 2 years. The AT&T insurance plan is 9.99 a month. I did not get it. I feel like I’m out there without a net.

But my stubborn Italian nature will give the Galaxy one more chance. If it let’s me down again, I’m off to the Apple Store.