FFfAW: Prized Possessions

Rosie picked up two small felt dolls. They looked old and worn. “Hey, Ma,” she called, “I’m gonna throw out these ornaments.” She looked down at them, the boy wore a faded green cap and the girl was dressed in red, with remnants of brown hair. Her mother entered the room from the kitchen. “Your father and I … Continue reading

FFfAW: By the Cairn Marker

 After hiking 8 miles up to the cairn marker she stopped and looked at me expectantly. The sunlight radiated around her curves. She kept making direct eye contact as she handed me a sandwich. I said I couldn’t wait to get her back to the cabin. “Anything else,” she asked.  I smirked. Turns out she was expecting a … Continue reading

Gratitude 2016

Dawn Landau  at Tales from the Motherland has once again started 50 HAPPY THINGS: BLOGGERS FLOOD THE INTERNET WITH GRATITUDE Here’s how it works: set a timer for 15 minutes; timing this is critical. Once you start the timer, start your list. The goal is to write 50 things that make you happy, or 50 thing that you … Continue reading

FFfAW: We Used to Walk Together

FFfAW: We Used to Walk Together

 We used to walk together under cloudless blue skies. Up the hill in the morning, we’d go to the mountain top admiring the myrtle in bloom. In the afternoons, we’d go down the path to the beach. I’d pick primroses on the way home. Today, I walked the paths alone deriving little pleasure from them. The … Continue reading

WTH WordPress?

Is anyone having issues with comments and with pictures that won’t post and have gone missing? This is so frustrating and time consuming. Please stand by while I figure this out…

FFfAW: A Soldier’s Letter

  Chattanooga, Tenn 29th Mass. Co.M November 29, 1863 Dear Mother, I hope this letter arrives safely and without much ado. As of this writing I am still, shall I say, safely under wraps. I ask that you not  worry about me for it is not me that we should concern ourselves with but the state … Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: An Open and Shut Case

Each morning, Katie took her place in line at the bus stop. She was usually first, but lately Nate, an enterprising young man, would be there first. He’d nod to her as he took his place in line. Now he would wait and smile earnestly. Then he began saying,”Good Morning.” When the bus came he always … Continue reading

FFfAW: Go to Glory

“Come away from that window,” Ma barked as she shuffled into the darkening room. Turning to look at Ma, but not moving from the window, I said,”Isn’t it glorious Ma?” Ma set the plastic tub of rocks on the table and briefly looked out at the horizon. She picked a big stone in her hand and … Continue reading

FFfAW: After the Deluge

Many built a giant boat and sailed away. But a few stayed behind, huddled in trees.  When the deluge receded they alit and began anew. They were people of different colors and different ideas; once of different means. Now, they were all starting from the same place. They built homes, fished, built a fire and ate. … Continue reading